Useful tips to keep you from getting banned.

Tutorial By Tane

Useful Videos to Watch

But if you get banned, watch this.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this text is from zadeys forum ( its not mine.

How to avoid Untrusted Game Bans

The untrusted system was developed a long time ago (2014 or longer ago) and is basically useless. I see a lot of false information. The following is EVERYTHING that can cause an untrusted game ban (not to be confused with an untrusted VAC Ban from an injector). You can only get untrusted from Valve servers! Using these features on community servers will never result in an untrusted ban.

Untrusted Angles

What are untrusted angles? Untrusted angles mostly useless points of field (pov) that are impossible to see normally. For example, seeing diagnolly or looking upsidedown. Here's a video to show you what untrusted angles actually look like. Untrusted angles are only used for nospread hvh servers.

Slow motion

Do not use this with anti untrusted disabled or you will get banned.

Speed Hack

Do not use this with anti untrusted disabled or you will get banned.

Forcing server sided commands like "god"

Cvar managers are safe to use for majority of commands. Even mat commands. But forcing game breaking server sided commands like "god" and "give_weapon" will give you an untrusted ban instantly.

0ms Triggerbot

Most triggerbots do not cause untrusted, but some 0 millisecond triggerbots will cause one. If using a triggerbot, make sure the delay is not 0.


Rumored to cause untrusted, I wouldn't use it.

What is "Anti Untrusted"?

Anti untrusted is just a cheat feature which disables the code of detected features from running even if they are enabled within the menu.

The following features will never cause untrusted

Ragebot 180 fov 100% RCS/Recoil Control Bunny Hop Backtracking (any amount of ticks) ESP/Visuals Air Stuck Teleport at halftime Normal Anti Aim (Spinbot, Backwards, fake angles etc) Fake Walk If you want to check which anti aims are untrusted, join a hvh community server. You will be automatically slayed at round start if your anti aim is untrusted. There are no cheats with anti untrusted bypasses. Using ragebot in matchmaking appears to get you automatically placed on overwatch, regardless of cheat. In some cheats there is a feature called "Server Crasher" that works on valve servers. USE IT IF U DONT WANT OW. (as far as i know this does not bypass untrusted) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to avoid VAC Bans!

The cheat

If you are downloading from or any other shit site. 1. Check the date when its created (under 1 day should be fine) 2. Be sure that its not somekinda shit triggerbot-only cheat. 3. Be sure its a source. (You can modifie it to make it undetected.)

Pasting a cheat

1. Remove useless features and add own. 2. Add Junkcode. This changes the Signature a bit so it could stay undetected for a while.

When downloading a public cheat.

1. Dont. Never do it. You have a high risk of Vac Bans!